This school year English Modern School will be using MangaHigh for Mathematics, and each student has been given login information to complete assigned tasks that will enhance and reinforce the lessons that are discussed in the classroom.

School ID is 365286

Some helpful websites with printable worksheets for converting measurement: (all the other websites below should also have options to practice measurement - encourage your kids to explore them)

  • This website helps students to understand why they need to learn math and relate it to the real world.

  • Worksheets to help practice different areas of math

  • Helpful for multiplication, division and number solving

  • This website is brilliant for English, Math or Science. It has loads of worksheets for students to work on. However you need to sign up for a membership to use it in full.

  • Here's a website that lists lots of sites with descriptions to help students in different areas of math.

Here's a few websites that will give you some worksheets to help practice fractions and also some websites that you can use as resources in addition to Mangahigh.