Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 Homepage! Here you can find important information, such as the newsletter, as well as any information regarding all of Year 6. For information about your child's class, please check the Homeroom teacher's page. For additional resources for subjects, please look at the Language Arts, Math and Science pages within Year 6. The links in the subject pages may be used for practise at home.

You will find the Year 6 Curriculum guide located at the bottom of this page.

Year 6 Stepping Up Ceremony Photos

Ramadaan Primary Timetable

Year 6 Stepping Up Celebration

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After School Activities

Please note ASAs will begin the week of the 25th of February and end the week of the 29th of April.

ASA - Please click on the link to sign up for the different activities.

Just a gentle reminder about uniform within the school.

Copy of Uniform

Copy of Breast Cancer Slide
Copy of Literacy Learning Flyer-Final.pptx

Literacy at EMS

Information Evening Monday 23rd October @ 5.30pm in the library

Adults only

Open Morning Tuesday 24th October @ 7.15am- 8.30am in your child's class

Adults only

Reminder: Parent Portal

Hi All

This is a reminder to all parents to sign up to the parent portal. All information can be found on the school Google sites main page. If you need further assistance please go to the secretaries in the respective blocks and they will be able to help you.

Home Practise

This is the new schedule of when children will be getting home practise from specific subjects and teachers. We hope this will lighten the number of books the children will be carrying in their back packs to and from school on a daily basis.

Teacher Appreciation week

As part of Thursday's teacher appreciation day feel free to send your child's teacher little notes of thanks for all that they do for your children in school. Remember a little gratitude goes a long way.

Welcome back to one and all. I hope you had a nice relaxing summer break, just to remind you that children need to be in full EMS school uniform no exceptions. Girls must have clean nails with no nail polish.

I would like to remind parents that the Parent greeting teacher evening is on Wednesday the 20th of September. Should you be unable to attend at this time and require a meeting you can do so by ringing Ms. Nada in the school to organise this with your child's individual teacher.

Also with the temperature still extremely hot we must remind the children to bring in water bottles everyday and they must take drinks throughout the day so as not to become dehydrated and unwell in the searing heat.

Google Classroom

Above is the link that can be used to access Google Classroom where Practise at Home will be posted. Click the link and sign in using your child's Gmail Account and Password given by the teacher. On this website, students can read the information or click the appropriate link and complete any given tasks. The purpose of this website is to make Practise at Home more engaging and enjoyable for your child and also start teaching the students how to use technology more effectively.

You can also download Google Classroom on a phone, tablet, or other electronic device through the app store, allowing students to access this website on multiple devices.

- This year, we have two new online resources being implemented; RAZ Kids Plus and Mangahigh. You can click on the name of the underlined website here for a quick link to the websites.

RAZ Kids Plus is a Reading Program where students have access to a massive online library. Teachers tailor the reading resources to each child so they can practise and advance in their reading skills. In Year 6, RAZ Kids Plus is going to be the main source of reading materials students will be using this year.

Mangahigh is a Maths Program where students can practise a wide variety of skills, such as their basic facts, addition, subtraction, time, data, etc. Students in Year 6 will be assigned Practise at Home using these websites on a regular and consistent basis.

Year 6 Curriculum guide

Revised Year 6 Curriculum Guide.pdf