Welcome to 6.1!

Room 6.1, in DO-10 in Block D of the primary department, is looking all set for a new year. Here are some of our learners in action, and some snapshots of the classroom. Please come in and say hi - it would be a nice opportunity to see where our learning is taking place this year.

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Here is a copy of the timetable for this term.


My name is Mr Thomas. I am from Australia, but grew up in New Zealand. I taught at EMS last year, and am looking forward to my second year at the school. I enjoy finding new ways of engaging children in learning and have worked with Year 5-6 students for most of my career. I look forward to meeting you all as our year progresses.

Thomas Parent Evening 2018-2019 Template

Please see attached a copy of the slides presented at last night's Meet the Teacher Evening.

Here are some photos of the Ant-Eaters reading group, posing with the project success criteria we agreed on together. As a group, they read a non-fiction article about two landmarks in America. Now, they are producing their own non-fiction article about a significant place, landmark or building somewhere in the world. Watch this space - perhaps some of the projects will feature on this site.

Please remember to check Google Classrooms to see the students' home learning over the next week.

Also, please remember to design your t-shirts with your quote, ahead of not only our dress-up day on Thursday but our assembly the following Wednesday.

Congratulations to these ESLR Awards recipients. Their achievements have been celebrated with positive letters being emailed to parents and a mini-ceremony today. Our two ESLR Award certificates will be presented on Thursday.

Place Value Practice Quiz Room 6.1
Welcome to our EMS Assembly Hosted by Room 5.2 and Room 6.1 26/9
Key School Information

Check out these important messages about upcoming events and other happenings in our school community.

Please see the following information about Thursday's Poetry Cafe! We would love to see you there.

In science, we are learning about forces and motion. There is a practice activity available on Google Classrooms for students to practice, ahead of upcoming testing. Here are some photos of the students doing their science experiments about friction, in teams, today.

Our students were learning about understanding other people's perspectives last week, as part of the Second Step programme. Being able to do this helps us to see things from other people's point of view. This is important when it comes to solving problems and relating well to others.

Some important reminders:


- We have begun our fractions, decimals and percentages learning in maths. The key things for us to practice at home are:

- converting from fractions to decimals, and from decimals to fractions

- ordering fractions and decimals from smallest to biggest

- equivalent fractions; for example, 1/2 is the same as 5/10

- putting fractions on a numberline

- converting between mixed numbers and improper fractions, and knowing their size

Testing for this unit will take place in about two weeks (4-5 December.)


Reminders about dates for tests will be put on Google Classroom, and the children will be notified at that time. Practice material is always provided. Please check Google Classroom regularly to see how long you have to study before the tests.

ESLR Award Winners

- Congratulations to our ESLR winners from last week. Please see the attached document to see our achievers in action.


PLEASE remember that tomorrow is our school photo day. All students need to come along in full, correct school uniform. Forms will go home next week for ordering school photos.

ESLR Photo in Room 6.1 15/11

Confirming dates for the Qatar National Day holidays:

  • School is as normal until the 17th December.
  • Qatar National Day will be on the 18th December, which is a day off school.
  • School ends for the term on 20th December 2018.

Here are some photos of our learners in action, working through today's assessment about material changes in science. There is also a sneak peek of our latest piece of writing. It started as a small activity, but was such a success that we built on it and took it to the publishing stage. This is a snapshot of what the students were writing about: