Welcome to 6.1!

Transition steps

On Sunday May 6th we participated in a very fun and exciting morning in the Secondary School buildings. Our morning was charged of awesome activities such as STEAM, expectations games, English cafe and animation! And we also met secondary teachers Miss Nandia, Miss Melisha, Miss Shejila, Miss Amel, Miss Daniela, Miss Nelda and Mister Gunnar.

To start our transition to secondary school we attended an assembly led by Mr. Thomas and Mr. Matt (Secondary Assistant Principals) in which they welcomed us, explained everything about secondary school and we also had fun!

Math New Unit - Data Handling

We have just started the Data Handling Unit in Year 6.1. Here some pictures of how they have been collecting, analysing and representing data using tally, frequency and bar graphs.

Median, mode, mean, range and probability are concepts that we have been studying.

Important dates for the 2nd Term:

March 21-22: Three way parent conferences

March 29: Spring break begins

April 5: Speeches due to Ms Ivy

April 12: Share baby photos

April 22nd: Projects for Science Fair judging

April 25: Year 6 Graduation Ceremony

April 29: Science Fair in school gym

Second Step Program provides instruction in social and emotional learning with units on skills for learning, empathy, emotion management, friendship skills, and problem solving. Here are some pictures of us during the lesson on managing frustration.


Revised Year 6 Curriculum Guide.pdf

Here are some pictures of the math morning held yesterday at EMS.

Students participated in different centers.

Centers are areas in the classroom where students refine a skill or extend a concept. They provide an opportunity for students to practice and apply skills and strategies taught within the classroom.

While students are engaged in purposeful centers, the teacher has the opportunity to work with small groups to meet the individual needs of the students.

On International Day, we learn about how we can become global citizens. Global citizens have skills that help them to overcome problems and difficulties and to become proactive in creating a tolerant, respectful and inclusive world.

We enjoyed the visit from Mad Science. This workshop introduced us to the fundamental concepts of electricity: circuits, conductors, insulators, and how electricity is converted for everyday uses. We created different circuits, interacted with plasma balls, discovered “sticky” static electricity and made our own static energy chambers to take home.

In Science we revised prior knowledge about materials and changes of state. For this unit we are learning the difference between reversible and irreversible changes, how to separate solids from other solids, how to filter liquids to separate materials that have not dissolved in the liquid and how materials react with, or dissolve in, water to find out more about solutions and other solid, liquid and gas mixtures.

We have been working in our Geometry Unit for the last couple of weeks. We are learning about plane shapes and solid geometry and consolidating our knowledge on Polygons, Quadrilaterals, shapes nets and angles. We have done different activities with a variety of materials in order to identify, classify and sort shapes.

Kids learn by doing, which is why manipulatives are perfect tools for teaching and reinforcing math concepts. They are useful for hands-on, small group activities; and for letting students explore and develop reasoning and problem-solving skills.

Student's presentations were very interesting and they enjoyed being assessed on their presentation skills. Some points observed were: effort, responsibility, design, presentation skills and whether they have included 3 important figures and 3 important events.

Mohammed Al Selawy prepared a presentation about Spain.

He included the World War I, the creation of Spain's national flag and the day in which Spain was unified as a country in the 15th century.

Students in Year 6-1 have begun working on their country informational projects. They identified a country of interest – one they are passionate about – to explore and learn more about it.

The students have chosen to investigate a country, come up with 3 important historical events and 1 important figure for each event.

The students prepared, planned and then reflected at the end of each session. For closure, they presented their research findings to their class.

Welcome to the Second Term!

It’s hard to believe our Year 6 students have less than 6 months remaining at primary school. We will continue to cherish our remaining days together! Continue to stay tuned to see how we progress in our learning and see the legacy we will leave in our final year of primary school!

First Term Activities

Omar proved to be a risk taker and knowledgeable boy by preparing a presentation for his classroom to share topics related with our Science unit of Electricity and Magnetism.

The students worked in pairs being encouraged to develop social learning and cooperation. They had to identify informational texts features as part of a new English unit.

The students enjoying our visit to Darb Al Saai on Wednesday were they had the chance to participate in different activities prepared for them.

The girls participated in a martial arts mini lesson.

Darb Al Saai obstacle race.

Students enjoyed participating in the Armed Forces simulation during the Darb Al Saai trip.

Year 6-1 and 6-2 girls celebrated the National Day with an activity where they could relax and enjoy a moment of sharing.

We finished reading "Kensuke's Kingdom" and created our own Chapter 10. For that, we used all of the skills learnt and our imagination.

We have been working with decimals, fractions and the four mathematical operations.

Week 5

During week 5 we explored multiplication and division by 10, 100 and 1000. We continued reading "Kensuke's Kingdom" and expanded our vocabulary in context.

Improvement has been made on our writings tasks since we are able to self assess our work and correct our mistakes.

Week 4

During week 4 the students have been introduced to physics exploring concepts of gravity, weight, mass, among others.

Year 6 - 1 students can now recognise and use units of force, mass and weight and identify the direction in which forces act.

Students created their own force meters using rubber bands, clips and were able to measure the force of different objects.

Through lessons and experiments they were able to distinguish between mass measured in kilograms (kg) and weight measured in newtons, noting that kilograms are used in everyday life.

Math can be fun! During this week lessons we have introduced different games such as multiplication bingo, place value race, jigsaws and more!

Week 3

We are lucky to have softwares such as Mangahigh available for our Math practise. Mangahigh has web-based games and adaptive quizzes aligned to our curriculum. The activities and games are all browser-based, so they can be accessed on any device with an internet connection allowing us to access it from school and also from home. This week we did school practise on odd/even numbers factors/multiples prime numbers.

Second Step Program

The new Second Step Middle School Program is a first-of-its-kind SEL curriculum that’s modern, web-based, and responsive to the needs of today’s students and educators. It’s underpinned by the latest research in adolescent brain development and social psychology, and it’s been refined through multiple pilot programs in classrooms across the country. The result is a program that doesn’t just help kids do better in school. It helps them do better in life. For more information you can visit http://www.secondstep.org/.

Week 2

A new week has arrived and with it comes another set of experiences, discoveries and adventures!

A picture is worth a thousand words... I invite you to take a look at some of the activities that we have been doing in 6.1.

At EMS we provide our students with appropriate text material to help them practice and reinforce skills and strategies at their individual reading level

The number of words, sentence structure, content, illustrations and text complexity, to name just a few, go into determining the level of a book.

During Sunday's first period, all the Year 6 classes participated of the "boat" game. This game aims to develop teamwork and problem resolution skills.

Monday was really exciting! During math lessons, we played games to reinforce the concept of place value and the skills of ordering, comparing and rounding whole numbers. Everyone wanted to participate!

It is always very important to see things from different perspectives. Sali explained to the class how to understand the connection between decimals and fractions.

We have started with the English Language curriculum for this year and we have been preparing ourselves to read "Kensuke's Kingdom". For that, we are using different reading skills associated with activities we do before reading a book or text. Predictions and asking questions about the text are some of the skills above mentioned.

Even when we have a variety of digital and technological resources, we are using dictionaries. The activities with them help us:

  • Raise awareness of the information we can find in a dictionary
  • Develop skills of prediction when we come across new vocabulary
  • Encourage group collaboration in project work and to
  • Promote creativity

Meet the teacher evening! :)

Thank you to all the parent that came in yesterday and as promised, I am attaching the presentation from last night. Looking forward to working this year with you!

Niki Parent Evening 2017/2018

Our first week back!

We have had a lovely first week back in school despite the weather at times.

The first week of school has been a busy one. The students appear to be adjusting quite well to their new classes and it has been a pleasure getting to know them thus far. They are all so talented and eager to learn, and undoubtedly, the school year will bring them new knowledge, new experiences, and new explorations. In the meantime, I have truly enjoyed reading every student’s "Read all about me" posters!

We have created our essential agreements, done activities to get to know each other better and revision of last year for Science, Math and English.

Revision tests have been conducted this week as well. Is it important to remember the purpose of administering these type of diagnostic tests is to try to determine what students already know about the concepts and skills to be covered during the year.

These are some of our "Read all about me" posters. Students wrote everything about themselves such as fascinating facts, favorite things, etc.

Welcome to a new school year!

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope that everyone had a wonderful summer.

My name is Niki Dawidowicz, and I am very happy to be your child’s teacher this year.

For those of you who are new to Qatar, I welcome you, and I look forward to meeting you.

For those of you returning to Qatar, welcome back!

I think this will be a fabulous year, and I believe the Year 6 team will be wonderful this year with Mr. Sean as our team leader.

I will be teaching your child all subjects except Arabic, Islamic, Qatar History, PE and Arts.

My goal is to help students to become active in their education so they enjoy learning new ideas and concepts that they can take with them throughout their educational career.

Therefore, my mission is to touch the hearts of each of your children, while instilling lifelong learning. I will give my students the skills and knowledge necessary for their successful futures, as well as instilling an eagerness and enthusiasm to know more and to question why.

I want them all to believe that there isn’t anything they can’t do. I plan on making your child feel confident academically, as well as raising his or her self-esteem personally.

I will achieve this while being sensitive and aware of each of their capabilities and needs.

My classroom will include mutual respect and kindness for all.

I am eager to meet you because I know you are the most important person in your child’s life. I believe working together as a team will help enhance your child’s education. I look forward to a year full of fun and learning with you and your child. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. You will find that I am very approachable, and I always do my best to make time for parents because I feel communication is so very important. My email address is nicole.urizar@emsdoha.net, in case you prefer to email me.