Welcome to 6-2


Thank you so much to all students, parents and caregivers who were involved in the big birthday surprise last Thursday.

I so appreciated the beautiful gifts, and we loved spending time together enjoying the food for our end of year party.

Many thanks again to everyone who helped make my first upcoming birthday abroad a very special one.

Mr Thomas

Hi, here is the practice activity for mean, median and mode that we practiced today.

Please remember that all results from your Science Fair testing is due on Sunday.

Make sure you have the number of subjects and trials that we have discussed in class.

We will look at how we can put that information into tables and graphs in tomorrow's session.


Hi, here is the practice activity for Percentages, Ratio and Proportion that we went over today.


Hello All,

We have one more week before our break. A big thank you to all parents who came along to our three-way conferences last week. Please note the following:

  • Percentages Endline Test coming up on Wednesday
  • Children have brainstormed topic ideas and have been asked to discuss possible topics for the science fair at home. We need our topic 100% ready to begin work on, by Tuesday. Parent support at home to help children make these important decisions would be appreciated. We need to think:

Can we measure our results somehow? Can we get the right equipment, space and time-frame to realistically do our experiment?

Dear Parents

The sign up schedule is now ready for you to book a time slot. The days we will have our conferences are Thursday, 22 March and Wednesday, 28 March.

The conferences will be three way conferences which means it will be the student, parents and teacher who sit together. The student will share his/her work with the parents and teachers, and explain what the activity was about.

As you know, positive feedback and praise is of the utmost importance for children to develop a positive self-esteem and motivation to learn. Thus I hope you will attend the conferences with the intention to acknowledge the good things your child has done and have them leave with a sense of pride in their work. See the attachment for ideas of positive words / phrases to say. You are more than welcome to schedule a later meeting with me where we can discuss concerns you have after the conference.

Thank you and kind regards,

Mr Thomas

Here are some key dates ahead on our calendar for Term Two:

Tuesday: Fractions, Decimals, Percentages Endline Test

Thursday: Reports go home

Booking for parent interviews on Bookme

March 21-22: Three way parent conferences

March 29: Spring break begins

April 5 - Speeches due to Ms Ivy

April 12 - Share baby photos - now photos with Mr Thomas

April 25: Year 6 Graduation Ceremony

April 22nd - Projects for Science Fair judging

April 29: Science Fair in school gym

Here is a link to the Physical Education page. You can follow this link to organise an interview with Mr Mihai, to see how things are going in PE.


Week Twelve News

  • Congratulations to Mazen, Omar, Rana, Abdelwahid and Mohammed, who all received ESLR Awards this week:

-Mazen and Omar for supporting the teacher and class by choosing to stay behind and tidy up mess left by others

-Abdelwahid for a massive effort this week in all areas, and being able to avoid distractions

-Mohammed for his tremendous attitude towards guided reading and writing, and the quality follow-up project he produced about the Chinese New Year

-Rana for being helpful and kind to her peers and her teachers, and for her honesty in handing in a wad of cash found on the ground

Many thanks to all five of you for being amazing role models in our class.

  • Please remember:

Homework is available weekly on Google Classrooms.

Term 1 reports go home on Thursday.

Week Eight/Nine News

  • Congratulations to Room 6.2 for successfully leading the school assembly in Week 7. We worked hard to wow the audience with our World as One projects and our shared writing performance.
  • No ESLR Awards were presented over these two weeks...lets hope to see people working hard and earning this privilege in Week 10.
  • A very happy birthday to Alanoud, who brought along a cake and other treats on Thursday. Please remember to sign a Celebration Permission form before bringing birthday items such as gifts or party food, at the office.
  • A reminder of important links for the class homework are below, and will take you straight to the pages themselves:

Raz Plus (reading books at the students' levels, designed for high interest and to test understanding

Mangahigh (maths games that reinforce what is being taught at home)

Google Classrooms (a guideline to the homework that will be happening each week)

Children are encouraged to comment on Google Classrooms once they have completed the homework, so that I can check on their progress on my end.

Week Seven News

  • All family and friends are welcome to attend our class assembly on Wednesday, starting at 12pm sharp. Afterwards, parents can come back to our classroom to share in the learning that is happening in Room 6.2. We look forward to seeing you there.
  • Congratulations to Ghanim, Chahd and Fahad who won ESLR Awards last week for their fantastic efforts in the World as One projects.
  • The primary site is now back up and running after a glitch last week.

Week 5-6 News

  • A huge congratulations to all those of you who have handed in their 'World as One' projects this week. Please aim to get all projects in tomorrow.
  • Congratulations to our recent ESLR certificate recipients - Fahad, Chahd and Mazen. Photos of the successful learners can be seen below.
  • Tomorrow is a 'dress as an ethical individual' day. Students can come dressed up based on today's brainstorm.
  • Room 6.2 and Room 3.3 are hosting next week's assembly. Feel free to come along to the assembly on Wednesday at 12pm in the small cafeteria.

Week 4 News

  • On this coming Thursday (5 October) we are having a Dress In Blue Day, to show solidarity against bullying in our schools. Students are invited to dress in blue for the day; wearing blue jeans, for example. We are looking forward to a fun day that promotes this important message.
  • Congratulations to Abdelwahid and Rana, who received ESLR awards last week. These awards are promoted for notable or consistent display of our school values. Both can be very proud of their achievements, and can reflect on this success during their POP Awards this week.
  • New homework is available on Google Classrooms - this below link will take you to the site.
  • With the online reading books on Raz Plus having been promoted and sorted, and guided reading set up in Room 6.2, hard copy books are coming home this week. The more reading, the better - lets aim for 15 minutes a night!
  • We are learning how to describe a setting as part of our narrative writing. We are enjoying writing about a shipwreck, based on the story Kensuke's Kingdom. Here are some particularly impressive snippets from our writing:

'The waves bullied the boat, as the sky turned blood-red. The boat fell, then slept.' Fahad

'The boat was trying not to give up, but, whatever she did, she kept on sinking.The sea was strange. It was quiet, very quiet. You couldn't hear the waves, but they were hurting the ship. The bottom of the ship was camouflaged with the water.' Habiba

Independent Learner Day and PE gear tomorrow

Tomorrow is our Independent Learners Day, where students are encouraged to dress up in costumes that represent independent learner role models in their world. Some examples we came up with together included:

  • doctor
  • scientist
  • pilot
  • ship captain
  • police detective
  • fashion designer
  • school principal

Please also remember your PE gear tomorrow (wear it underneath your costume) for PE with Mr Mihai.

Passion Project for Term 1

Today we learned about our passion project for Term 1 that links to our Social Studies - 'The World as One.'

Please see more information on the poster below.

The project is made up of three parts:

  • Country Fact File
  • Interview with a Local
  • Personal Response

We can achieve success using our success criteria (also below.) We had fun using the success criteria to mark Mr Thomas's country fact file that he entered today - with some very harsh markers!

Three really important points to remember:

  • This is NOT designed to be a homework task. Students can work on the project at home if they wish, but their actual homework will be set on Google Classrooms (follow this link to see their Google Classrooms page - https://classroom.google.com/c/NzI1NTcyMjgxN1pa.) This is a class-based learning activity that encompasses part of the English and Social Studies programmes.
  • The due date for this activity is 17 October. The students have four weeks from today - plenty of time. I will not accept submissions within the first week, to prevent people rushing or overworking at home.
  • Using the success criteria/marking schedule to score highly is important; this is a good skill to have before moving to secondary school in 2018, along with meeting deadlines.

Weekly Schedule

Here is the finalised schedule of learning for this year in Room 6.2. It is subject to change, but gives an idea of what is being taught and when.

A huge thank you to all who have completed the expected homework activities over their weekend - and especially those who met our Thursday deadline. Great to receive sensible learning comments, letting me know how you got on.

On Tuesday, we will be learning more about new exciting home learning coming up.

Meet the Teacher Evening

Thanks to everyone who attended our Meet the Teacher Evening last night. I have attached the information that I shared with the parents of Room 6.2 last night, below.

Please remember that you can email me, or make an appointment to meet with me through Ms Nada.

The schedule in the slides below is subject to change - the final copy will be put on the blog next week.

All the best for the weekend!

Thomas Parent Evening slides Term 1 2017

Week One

We have had a fantastic start to our year in Room 6.2. Our students are really stepping up as leaders of the upper primary department.

Please remember your PE gear for tomorrow with Mr Mihai.

Our class schedule is being finalised, with some changes to be made. When it is ready, it will be published on this site.

I look forward to meeting lots of you at our Meet the Teacher Evening on Wednesday night. See below for further information.


Mr Thomas

I hope you all had a good break.

I am Mr Thomas. I am the teacher in Room 6-2 this year.

I have come to Qatar from New Zealand.

I look forward to meeting the students and families in Term One.

Please watch this site for news, notices and updates on your children's learning.