Ms Ope

Get your shades on, we'll need them for our bright futures!

Hi, I am Ms Ope and I am from the UK. This is my third year in EMS year 6 and I look forward to the fun and exciting year ahead. My email is opeoluwa.sodipe@emsdoha.net should you wish to contact me. Thank you.

Notice For 6-3

Monday 9th April - We will be having our endline on percentages, ratio & proportion.

Science Fair Hand in dates are as follows:

  • Topic and Question of investigation - Sunday 8th April
  • Research notes - Tuesday 10th of April
  • Hypothesis - Wednesday 11th of April
  • Materials - Wednesday 11th of April
  • Variables - Wednesday 11th of April
  • Procedure - Thursday 12th of April

Experiment will need to be carried out at home over the weekend.

  • Data Presentation - Sunday 15th of April
  • Conclusion - Monday 16th of April
  • Application - Monday 16th of April
  • Analysis - Monday 16th of April
  • Reflection - Monday 16th of April

Work of the Week

This week, 6-3 presented their Sustainable Cities to other students and staff from the school. We got excellent feedback from those who saw their work, so well done to them for their hard work. Thank you parents also, for supporting your children in producing great cities.

Tameem & Kilian

POP Awardees

Siti & Gaia

Hind, Ghazayel & Sultan

Abdulrahman & Abdulaziz

Martim & Mohammed

Sanem & Clement

Rita & Aya

Shaza & Maeda

Charle & Ahmed

Alia & Isabelle

Monzir & Ali

Jady & Adrielle


Mehmet & Yahya

POP Awardees

Thanks to the parents who were able to make it in to watch your child's assembly. They were very happy to see you there to listen to their goals for the future and their targets for this year.

After School Activities

Please look at the document attached for information on which ASAs you're signed up to and on what days.

Term 1 ASA
Parent Literacy Evening - Oct 23.pptx
Ope Parent Evening 2017/2018 Template.pdf

Please go through the presentation shared on Parent's Night.