Year 6-5

Welcome to the Google site for 6.5 Mr. Sean's class.

Parent Conference is now open for everyone to sign up to. Please click the link.

Dear Parents

The sign up schedule is now ready for you to book a time slot. You can find the booking page for our class here. The days we will have our conferences are Wednesday, 21st March from 2pm - 5pm and Thursday, 22nd March 7:00 am- 12:30 pm .

The conferences will be three way conferences which means it will be the student, parents and teacher who sit together. The student will share his/her work with the parents and teachers, and explain what the activity was about.

As you know, positive feedback and praise is of the utmost importance for children to develop a positive self-esteem and motivation to learn. Thus I hope you will attend the conferences with the intention to acknowledge the good things your child has done and have them leave with a sense of pride in their work. See the attachment for ideas of positive words / phrases to say. You are more than welcome to schedule a later meeting with me where we can discuss concerns you have after the conference.

Thank you and kind regards,

Mr Sean

Copy of Breast Cancer Slide
Copy of Literacy Learning Flyer-Final.pptx

Literacy at EMS

Information Evening Monday 23rd October @ 5.30pm in the library

Adults only

Open Morning Tuesday 24th October @ 7.15am- 8.30am in your child's class

Adults only

This week it is Anti-bullying week

As a mark of support to prevent bullying within our school we would like all children to dress in blue on Thursday to show their support for the cause. The children can wear their own blue clothes in to school on Thursday

Teacher Appreciation week

As part of teacher appreciation week feel free to send your child's teacher little notes of thanks for all that they do for your children in school. Remember a little thanks goes a long way.

Here is a little bit about me:

  • Hello, Everyone

My name is Mr Sean. I am a teacher from Ireland this is my third year as a class teacher in EMS. I have spent a number of years teaching in London before coming to EMS Doha. I am looking forward to working with your children and building on their knowledge and also getting to know them on a personal level

Some reminders for our new year

Welcome back to one and all. I hope you had a nice relaxing summer break, just to remind you that children need to be in full EMS school uniform no exceptions. Girls must have clean nails with no nail polish.

I would like to remind parents that the Parent greeting teacher evening is on this Wednesday the 20th of September from 6-8. Should you be unable to attend at this time and require a meeting you can do so by ringing Ms Nada in the school to organise this.

Also with the temperature still extremely hot we must remind the children to bring in water bottles everyday and they must take drinks throughout the day so as not to become dehydrated and unwell in the searing heat.

Also from now on no phones will be accepted in school. The children will have to keep them in their bags at their own risk. The school will take no responsibility for any damaged or lost phones.