Here is a little bit about me:

  • Hello, Everyone

My name is Miss Nikkola. I am from London, England, and this is my first year as a class teacher at EMS. I have a Bachelors Degree in Theatre and a Post Graduate in Primary Education. Teaching internationally has been one of my best decisions as I've been able to broaden my perspective on the world and learn about different educational philosophies from around the world. . I taught in South Korea for 2 years and 3 years in Vietnam before heading to Doha. I am looking forward to working with your children and building on their knowledge and also getting to know them on a personal level.


Place Value

This week we have been looking at place value. I have realised that a lot of the students are kinaesthetic learners and learn best by moving their body via an activity to grasp a concept.

Before we did this activity not many students fully understood, however after the physical activity everyone successfully completed the written work.

Goal Setting T-shirt day!

Thank you to everyone who decorated their T-shirt with a goal to aim for this year!

Just another day!


Prime numbers

This week we have been learning prime numbers through a cool song. Impressively, the students remember most of the numbers and enjoy rapping/singing along to it.



Every morning, class 6.5 has a 10 minute brain break after guided reading. What do we do? WE DANCE!

It is proven that children are more motivated and focused after moving. That's why we do this... and for FUN of course!

It's so wonderful to see everyone participating, looking joyful and working as a team.