Soaring to new heights!

Welcome to the Year 6-6 page! My name is Ms Reiona. I am happy and excited to be teaching in primary and look forward to many learning adventures this year. I have been teaching for 10 years with a specialisation in the English language. I have a BA (English) and a PGCE (primary and secondary education). I am confident that it will be an amazing academic year with my lovely students!

If you would like you to contact me, please do at

First week of school!

This display encourages students to begin each day with a positive attitude and believe that anything is possible through exploring, discovering, reading and learning.

Students working on posters about themselves.

Students discovered more about different countries and then presented their findings to the class.


Students chose a word to represent their talents and future goals.

Poetry Cafe

Year 6-6 recited poems to their parents using the the theme of "Change".

Field Trip-Angry Birds Theme Park

Math Activties

Hour of Code

Students learned how to build a robot, connect it to a chromebook and then code its movement. Students were very excited to create and discover the possibilities while coding.