Future World Changers!

Welcome! We are the future world changers.

Hello parents and welcome again. My name is Ivy and I am from the UK. It is my second year teaching at EMS. As well as teaching your children, I am very much looking forward to learning from them. Please do not hesitate to contact me. My email address is ivy.amoah@emsdoha.net.

Together, we will change the world for the better!

We are teachers.

we are are learners.

We are motivators.

We are listeners and we ask questions.

It doesn’t matter what we are now, we know we are changing the world for the better... one step at a time.

Please check the Year 6 page for the curriculum guide.

Remember that home learning tasks will be posted on google classroom.

Mangahigh Raz Plus

There really is no time for anyone in 6.8 to be bored. Happy learning!

Goal setting T-Shirt Day

Let the Science Begin

6.8 have been learning about all the parts needed for a scientific investigation. In the following task, they were given the materials and the procedures and the had to come up with their own question and form a hypothesis. Then they had to carry out the experiment then write a conclusion.

First week of the new term

We've been busy bees.

As part of our goal setting, class 6.8 shared with each other the career they hope for in the future. We have doctors, artists, singers, lawyers, teachers, surgeons, footballers, scientists, gymnasts, engineers, builders and architects. Wow, the future world looks great!

Miss Ivy believes that all children are unique and must have a stimulating educational environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. Our classroom has an atmosphere where students do not just meet their full potential, but always strive to be better.

To continue to be better, 6.8 know they must have a Growth Mindset.

We have created a Growth Mindset board where the class wrote their own positive quotes. They truly are positively creative.

Positive Adjectives

To describe ourselves, we created acrostic poems using positive adjectives