Mathematics practise over the Summer

Complete the activities shown below in any order you choose and use the answer sheet to check your work.







Mathematics- Cambridge Curriculum

Children will enjoy learning mathematics with the fun and attractive learner's book stage 6. A variety of questions, activities, investigations and games that are designed to reinforce the concepts learnt in the core activities .

​Year 6 students focus on four specific strands: Number; Measurement; Geometry; and, Data Handling. Throughout the year, students are challenged to apply their acquired knowledge and skill to real-world problems.

1. Number is centred on making sense of numbers in a particular context. In Year 6, students continue to develop their understanding of place value, integers, factors, multiples, fractions, decimals, and percentages. They are also introduced to prime numbers, algebraic equations, and expand their knowledge of number sequences and patterns.

2.Measurement explores the perimeter and area of simple and composite shapes. In addition, students develop their measurement skills, including measuring objects and lines, as well as elapsed time. Furthermore, students learn to convert units of similar measure (kg and g; km and m).

3.Geometry investigates the properties of 2D quadrilaterals, as well as the properties of basic 3D shapes. Students also learn to plot shapes on the coordinate plane and then reflect, rotate, and translate these shapes.

4.Data Handling develops student understanding of mean, median, mode, and range while learning to interpret data found in tables, charts, graphs, and diagrams. Additionally, students explore the language associated with probability of specific outcomes.

This year we have joined up with a new and exciting online maths program called Mangahigh. Many students have already used this last year. Students are encouraged to continue to use Mangahigh on a regular basis at home. It is a fun, educational tool that is great for reinforcing strategies and concepts taught in the classroom.

Online Resources for kids

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Addition & Subtraction

Multiplication & Division

Place Value


Prime Numbers

Ordering & Comparing Numbers (Games)

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